Yard to Yard Fencing - Do it the right way the first time or not at all
About Us
Yard to Yard Fencing started from humble beginnings in Canberra in 2004 as a one man operation; Yard to Yard Fencing has built its brand and reputation up through dedication, hard work and proven results.
In the early stages of business, Scott Easton told stories of how he had to go from ‘yard to yard’ to complete his fencing work and the name stuck.
Today Yard to Yard Fencing visits yards all over Canberra providing the best quality products, high workmanship and a service that is unparallel.
The underpinning philosophy of Yard to Yard Fencing is:
Do it the right way the first time or not at all
Yard to Yard Fencing is guided by four underlying principles:
Quality Customer Service
Quality Employees
Quality Workmanship
Quality Products
Quality Customer Service
When you choose Yard to Yard Fencing you can be assured that you will speak with one representative each time, every time. Our employees will do the best to make sure that your fencing experience is as pleasant as possible, because we know that at times neighbours don’t see eye to eye.
Quality Employees
Scott Easton started Yard to Yard Fencing in 2004 with 7 years experience. He realised that by starting his own fencing company he would be able to control the quality of work within his business, as well as the reputation it was to have.
Scott Easton now has 13 years experience as a fencer and only employs those who will deliver on the results you want.
Quality Workmanship
With trained professionals installing your fencing you can be assured that all workmanship is of the highest standard. 
Quality Products
Yard to Yard Fencing turns houses into secure homes with quality products being fitted on your boundary line. Lysaght Colorbond Neetascreen fencing and where applicable the best quality accessories in the market, are all that we use – which is shown when you compare our work to other fencing companies.
Our dedication to our customers
When you choose Yard to Yard Fencing you do not just choose a fence, you choose a dedicated team of professionals, a quality product and a workmanship that is unparallel to others.
Our dedication to our customers and what’s more our dedication to an exceptional fence is one that you will not find from another fencing company.
At Yard to Yard Fencing, a fence is not just a fence -- it is an improvement to your house that will add security, value and asthetics.
Payment Options
Yard to Yard Fencing accepts payment for works completed in the following ways:
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Electronic Fund Transfer
Call Scott Easton on 0417 258 785 for a free no obligation quote today.
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