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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to remove my old fence and erect my new fence?

Generally, Yard to Yard Fencing can remove your old fence and erect your new fence all in the same day.  We strive to do this in all cases to make life easier for you, particularly if you have small children or animals.


Do I need to be home when Yard to Yard Fencing is erecting my new fence?

There is no need for you to wait at home while Yard to Yard Fencing install your new fence.  All we require is access to power and water and we can do all the work while you are out.


Is colorbond fencing more expensive than wooden fencing?

Unless you are adding lattice or sleepers to your fenceline the price is similar for wooden or colorbond fencing.  Talk to Scott or Dom about which option would be best suited to your yard and budget.

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